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Course Fees

Course Duration

Rs. 12200

12 Months

Admission - Rs. 200
Per Month - Rs. 1000

Weekly Class - 2 classes

Career Opportunities

The CCNA R&S validates the knowledge and skills an entry-level networking professional would learn in their first couple of years on the job. During that time they'll usually be in support, help desk, or even performing some system admin functions. The most common job you can get with a CCNA R&S is network administrator.

Job titles associated with CCNA R&S:

Network Administrator
Network Analyst
Systems Administrator
Network administrators are responsible for the so-called pipes of a company's infrastructure. They're usually working behind the scenes making sure everything is operating smoothly. System admins deal with computers, operating systems, and people. Network admins deal with routers, switches, and servers. In smaller companies, network admins might be designing networks. But mostly they'll be managing all the devices that pass traffic around the office and to the outside. In many instances, you'll see systems positions that also require the CCNA, as well.

About the course


• Introduction to networking
• Network Topologies
• Networking media
• Cabling
• Network Devices
• Testing connectivity
• OSI Model
• TCP/IP Model
• Classless Addressing
• Subnetting with VLSM
• Introduction to Routers
• Routers Components & Models
• Routers Startup
• Routers Command line Interface
• Routers Basic configuration Commands
• Backing up & Restoring the "Cisco IOS" & "Configuration File"
• DHCP "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol"
• Telnet
• Password Recovery
• IP Routing
• Static Routing
• Default Routing
• Introduction to Dynamic Routing
• Routing Protocol Basics
• RIP "Routing Information Protocol"
• IGRP "Interior Gateway Routing Protocol"
• Access Control Lists-Standard
• Access Control Lists-Extended
• Access Control Lists-Named
• NAT (Network Address Translation)
• Introduction to wireless technology
• Introduction to IPv6
• PPP & HDLC encapsulation Methods
• Frame Relay
• Introduction To Switches & Switches Models
• STP "Spanning Tree Protocol"
• Basic Switches Configuration
• VLANs "Virtual LANs"

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