CCTV Technician Course

Course Fees

Course Duration

Rs. 1000

5 Days

Admission - 500
1st Class - 500

Total Class - 5 classes

Career Opportunities :

CCTV engineer.
CCTV Installation Eng.
Technical Support.
CCTV technician.
IP Camera.

About the course

Module 1:
• Understand the surveillance system
• Knowledge of pro’s &con’s of surveillance
• Explain the facts of video surveillance
• Explain and construct various nodes of CCTV surveillance system

Module 2:
• Constructing of a video surveillance system.
• Explain function of blocks and equipment required to implement a video surveillance system.
• Understanding the facts about CCTV and its interfacing devices
[Equipment Required : a. Camera. b. DVR. c. Cables. d. Adapter e. Display device]

Module 3:
• Understanding the various types of camera and their functionality.
• Reassembling the camera & exam the parts of camera to understand their mechanism.
• Selecting suitable camera after understanding
[Equipment Required : a. Camera(diff. types). b. DVR. c. cable d. Screw driver set. e. Display]

Module 4:
• DVR as interface to view and record the image transmitted by a camera.
• Explain the function of various blocks of DVR.
• Understand the recording format of a DVR.
• Enabling and disabling the features of a DVR depending on the level of surveillance and customer requirement.
[Equipment Required : a) DVR(Diff. Types). b) Camera c) Adapter. d) cable e) Screw driver f) Display]

Module 5:
• Explain the nodes for remote access of a CCTV camera / DVR.
• Configuring the DVR with
[Equipment Required: a) DVR b) Camera c) Adapter. d) cable e) LAN connection/Modem. f) Laptop. g) Display]

Module 6:
Practical hands on experience: Install the CCTV camera & trouble shooting
[Unique Equipment Required:
a) Camera(diff. types) b) DVR c) cables d) adapter e) Display device f) Screw driver set g) Lenses
h) Laptop i) Internet Connection j) Connectors k) Crimper l) Cutter m) Projector (if available)

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