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Internet & E-Mailing

Course Fees

Course Duration


10 hours

Admission - Rs. 1500

Weekly Class - 3 classes

Career Opportunities..

After finishing the above course, a person can comfortably take up any type of official job & online data entry jobs.

About the course

Internet & Emailing

Internet - Evolution, Protocols, Interface Concepts, Internet Vs Intranet, Growth of Internet, ISP, Connectivity - Dialup, Leased line, Broadband etc., URLs, Domain names, Portals, Application. E-MAIL - Concepts, Basics of Sending & Receiving, E-mail Protocols, Mailing List, Free E-mail services.
Internet chatting - Voice chat, text chat. Word wide web (www)-History, Working, Web Browsers, Its functions, Concept of Search Engines, Searching Web, HTTP, URLs, Web Servers and Web Protocols.

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