Course Fees

Course Duration

Rs. 12000

15 Months

Admission - Rs. 200
Per Month - Rs. 800

Weekly Class - 2 classes

Career Opportunities

There is a good scope of networking professionals in IT sector. Every organization has computers and they are looking for the professionals who manage their computer networks.

Huge set up of IT industries will also increase the demand for networking professionals in India as well as in abroad.

Job Profiles for MCSE Certified Professionals:

Computer support specialist
Network and computer systems administrator
Computer systems analyst
Information security analyst
Database Administrator
Desktop Support Engineer
Technical Support Engineer
Systems Engineer
Technical Consultant

About the course


● Installation
● System Configuration
● Storage Devices
● Network Configuration
● Wide Area Networking
● Local Security Management
● Security For Domain Members
● Desktop Management
● Resource Management
● Printer Management
● Performance
● Fault Tolerance and Recovery

Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2012 Environment

● Introduction to Windows Server 2012
● Managing Hardware Devices
● Creating and Managing User Accounts
● Managing File Access
● Managing Disks and Data Storage
● Advanced File System Management
● Managing Printers
● Using Group Policy
● Server Administration
● Monitoring Server Performance
● Managing Backups and Disaster Recovery
● Administering Web Resources
● Windows Server 2012 Security Features

Implementing, Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2012 Network

● Networking Overview
● Configuring Network Protocols
● TCP/IP Architecture
● Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
● Manage and Monitor a DHCP Server
● Name Resolution
● Domain Name System
● Windows Internet Naming Service
● Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
● Remote access
● Internet Authentication Service
● Routing
● Security templates

Implementing and Administering Security in a Windows Server 2012 Network

● Introduction to Network Security
● Implementing Security Policies
● Analysing and Deploying Security Policies
● Troubleshooting Security Policies
● Planning and Deploying Patch Management
● Managing and Troubleshooting Software Updates
● Planning and Deploying IPSec
● Troubleshooting IPSec Policies
● Planning and Deploying Public Key Infrastructure
● Planning and Deploying Authentication for Remote Access
● Planning and Configuring Security for Wireless Networks
● Troubleshooting Access Problems
● Monitoring Systems

Planning and Maintaining a Windows Server 2012 Network Infrastructure

● Windows Server 2012 network planning
● TCP/IP architecture
● Plan network data flow
● Plan and configure routing and switching
● Plan, configure, and troubleshoot DHCP
● Plan, configure, and troubleshoot WINS
● Plan a DNS strategy
● Manage and troubleshoot DNS
● Plan and manage Certificate Services
● Plan and manage IPSec
● Plan network access
● Plan and implement server availability and scalability
● Plan server and network security

Implementing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Infrastructure

● Introduction to Active Directory
● Name resolution and DNS
● Design philosophy
● Architecture
● Logical design
● Physical design
● Replication
● Active Directory operations masters
● Active Directory authentication and security
● Managing users, groups, computers, and resources
● Group Policy for corporate policy
● Managing software with Group Policy
● Monitoring and optimising Active Directory
● Disaster recovery

Designing Security for a Windows Server 2012 Network

● Designing a secure network framework
● Securing servers based on roles
● Designing a secure public key infrastructure
● Securing network management
● Securing network services and protocols
● Securing Internet Information Services
● Securing VPN and extranet communications
● Securing Active Directory
● Securing network resources
● Securing network clients

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