Course Fees

Course Duration

Rs. 4800

8 Months

Admission - Rs. 200
Per Month - Rs. 800

Weekly Class - 2 classes

Career Opportunities

Once you’ve gained entry-level IT experience, you need to identify your career path. Networking engineering careers and positions vary widely depending on the industry, company and technology.
If you’re just starting out, here’s a list of some of the networking jobs available:

Network Specialist
Network Administrator
Network Technician
Network Analyst
Network Manager
Network Engineer
Network Solutions Architect

About the course


● Basic networking concepts
● The OSI model
● Introducing protocols
● Network cabling and devices
● Remote and WAN connectivity
● TCP/IP fundamentals
● TCP/IP addressing and Subletting
● Name resolution
● Firewalls and proxies
● Operating system features
● DHCP, DNS, FTP, Web Server
● Active Directory services
● Troubleshooting

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