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Tally ERP

Course Fees

Course Duration

Rs. 3600

6 Months

Admission - Rs. 200
Per Month - Rs. 600

Weekly Class - 2 classes

Career prospects

This program opens up various avenues for students. After the completion of the program, as a fresher you can begin your career as:

Accounts executive
Junior accountant
Data entry operator
Accounts assistant
Tally operator
Accountant trainee

About the course


 Introduction of Tally
 How to open the Tally?
 What is the full form of Tally ?
 Introduction the features
 Types of accounts
 What are real accounts?
 What are personal accounts?
 What are nominal accounts?
 Types of organizations
 What are service organizations?
 What is trading organizations?
 What is manufacturing organizations?
 Create a company in tally software?
 Give password in your own company?
 Delete company
 What is debit?
 What is credit?
 types of accounting vouchers
 Introduction of accounting vouchers
 Shortcut of vouchers
 How can create legers
 What is GST?
 Full form of GST?
 Type of GST?
 What is CGST?
 What is SGST?
 What is IGST?
 What is the meaning of intra?
 What is the meaning of intra?
 What is purchases voucher?
 Shortcut key of purchase voucher?
 What is sales voucher?
 Shortcut key of sales voucher?
 What is credit note?
 What is debit note?
 What is godown?
 Type of godown
 Portal login and practical entry.

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